Concussion Recovery Specialist, Level I

This class provides CE credits for FL massage therapists, but is open to anybody. The focus of the class is to learn how to relieve symptoms in people who have experienced some form of head trauma. Symptoms may range from headaches to migraines, cognitive impairment, sinus issues, anxiety and/or depression that may be from their injury.

Concussion Recovery Specialist,
Level II

CRS Level I is a prerequisite to this class. We will expand your knowledge into kinesiology, deeper understanding of the anatomy and functions of the brain, and learning a form of energy healing that effectively helps clients.

Parents, Coaches, Teachers,
Caretakers and Employers

Teaching the basics of head injuries and the impact it can have on those in your life. This class helps you understand what Post Concussive Syndrome is. What are the best practices and helpful things you can do after a concussion? This class aims to answer all of your questions about head trauma and teach you systems and practical things to help your loved ones, athletes, students and employees. This class is very similar to Level I but does not have CE credits. Hours for this class can be amended to the needs of the group.


Nobody should be made to believe their symptoms are imaginery or a life sentence. Nobody should be told, "this is the best you'll ever be." Nobody should have to live with debilitating pain. Our bodies are magnificent and able to heal, we are born to naturally heal.


Sheryl Hensel has first hand experience of having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).  While calling 911 for an ambulance for a motorist, Ms. Hensel was struck by a vehicle.  After numerous appointments, specialists, and a disability leave from teaching, she took matters into her own hands.  As a teacher, she had a quest for learning and took that passion into educating herself about brain injuries and recovery.  
As a TBI survivor, best selling author, retired teacher, coach, administrator, and energy healer she has first hand knowledge on how to help people recover from their pain and cognitive impairments.  She spent years learning a form of complimentary healing and has assisted thousands in clearing the blocks that stop them from having optimal health.  Her greatest teacher has been the “school of hard knocks”.  As a Facebook administrator for a Post Concussion Syndrome group she continuously hears how many professionals just don’t understand what happens to a person who has PCS and that concussions aren’t just a “bump to the head”.  
Head injuries have caused relationship issues, divorces, lost jobs, and a life of pain.  Ms. Hensel believes this doesn’t have to be the case.