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The symptoms you are experiencing may be from a brain injury that was the  result of a concussion.  Find out the probability that you sustained some form of brain trauma after an impact to your head.

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You've had a concussion, TBI, brain injury, and/or PCS.
This section is for you.



You've helping a loved one who has had a concussion, TBI, brain injury and/or PCS. COMING SOON

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You've looking to take classes, find a speaker, or work with your staff. regarding concussion, TBI, brain injury and/or PCS. COMING SOON

Featured Classes

concussion recovery specialist

Currently offering CE for massage therapists in FL.  Classes for parents, coaches, teachers, caregivers and employers


Support…..Solutions…. Safety….. and Such  Meet online weekly with like minded people learning natural ways to optimize your health.  

Hot seats, life clarity opportunity and educational information make this group applicable and helpful.

I don't know where I would be today without the help I've received from working one-on-one with Sheryl

Sherri A.

I can't explain who it works but I know the things I've learned has helped my child. I'm so grateful for all having solutions that don't involve drugs.

Susan D.

Having someone to listen to issues I'm having in my personal life and business and QUICKLY come up with solutions, is priceless. Thank you!

Sara C.

Learning how to trust my body to heal was a stretch to say the least. Getting rid of old programming and learning a new language that supports my healing has made the world of difference in my recovery.

Bonnie L.

Quantum Energtics Structured Therapy

Concussion Education

Bring the discussion about concussions and recovery to your school, parent groups, mom’s group, or workforce.


Schedule your free 15 minute consultation to see what services may help you or your loved one heal quicker.

Healing Mastermind

Easy remedies you can do at home.  Accountability and coaching to help you live your optimally best life.


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Private Sessions

  • 60 Minute

Group Sessions

  • Group Call ~ 50 Minutes


  • Work with a team