Sheryl Hensel is a wellness coach and consultant, bestselling author, speaker, and health optimizer who speaks from the heart and has an ability to bring clarity to situations that have been obstacles for years.6724128

After being in cognitive therapy for almost a year, Sheryl has firsthand experience with the phrase “new normal”.  A brain injury doesn’t always mean you are incapacitated, had a major surgery or bed ridden for months recuperating.  MANY brain injuries are undiagnosed and therefor untreated.

I understand what it feels like, yet can’t say “I know how you feel.” Every person has such different experiences and, depending on what part of the brain has been injured, have different levels of severity and symptoms.  What I can say is that I understand the “new normal” and will work with you and your caregiver to navigate through this different way of life.

                   The Day That Changed Everything101806300

In 1998, while sitting at a stop light I witnessed a motorist in distress. The driver slumped sideways while her car continued down the road. Her car crossed four lanes of traffic and finally stopped on the sidewalk.  I put my flashers on and crossed traffic to check on her and knew she needed medical attention. I went back to my car and was standing in the V of my car door on the phone to 911 (bag phone plugged in) and was hit by a motorist looking at the other driver I was calling help for. The impact catapulted me and I ended up being being transported to the hospital by ambulance.  Months later the concussion I suffered led to 9 months of cognitive rehabilitation, much pain, numerous life lessons, and eventually healing after a lengthy journey of ineffective Western medicine and a new world of Eastern medicine.   I was determined to continue searching until I got some semblance of me back again.  

My Goal 

My goal in working with clients is to meet them where they are at in their Wellness journey and move them towards optimal health.  I understand that sometimes it’s a crawl and not a sprint in helping people obtain small victories that can lead to HUGE results.  They develop strategies to live an active lifestyle with less medical bills and doctor’s visits.  Quality of life and optimal health for my clients are the victories we both strive to achieve.  Programs developed are personalized for my clients and their family, there is no “one size fits all”.  We work together towards a common goal weather it be their basic health or assisting their body in healing a trauma to the head, body, or spirit.  

Being a facilitator and advocate for people who have suffered a brain injury is a mission I am passionate about.  I feel there is so little information and educating the concussed, their family, teachers, and even co-workers is paramount to the success of their recovery.

I am: An Optimal Health Consultant & Coach
I am: An Advocate for Brain Injury Awareness
My mission: To exceed your expectations and move you towards optimal health
I stand for:  Authenticity and integrity
My Values:   I believe in The Golden Rule

A Little History

I started my career as a middle school teacher and coach in a small northern Michigan town.  I taught the “tough” subjects like reproductive health, drug/alcohol education, and self-improvement topics in a class called Life Skills. Several years later I became an administrator and ran a School-to-Work career exploration program.

After the accident I moved to Florida as my doctors felt being in a more stable climate would reduce the migraines I suffered from.  I became an Education Coordinator for a day treatment center.  Youth were court ordered to our program and I was in charge of the education department, which equated to a principalship.

It was in Florida that I was introduced to the healing work I feel “cured” me, QEST.   For 18 months I flew to Colorado from Florida, every six weeks, to learn Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST) and became a practitioner in 2005.  Click here for more information about QEST.   

A move to CO where I had a healing business and then to CA.  I was blessed along the way to meet some wonderful people and learn natural alternatives to help my clients.  I moved back to FL where I continue assist clients in their healing quest from across the U.S. and other countries.  My newly discovered passion for PEMF therapy (Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field) has taken wellness to a new level.  When your cells are healthy they are able to clean up dis~ease in the body, that is what we are designed to do.

Concerns over 5G catapulted my education to learn what harmful radiation waves were doing to our body, plants, animals and Earth.  I believe we will all need a way to improve our health from home on a daily basis.  Our food is depleted of nutrients, our water is contaminated as well as the air we breathe.  Taking charge of your health is more imperative that ever.  What are you doing to help your cells work optimally?  That led me to the discovery of phototherapy patches that uses your body’s infrared heat (energy) to stimulate the cells in your body to activate cells needed for recovery and healing.