Work With Sheryl

One-On-One Sessions

By referral only and for those who are serious about moving their health towards optimal conditions.

Private sessions teaching you strategies and keeping you accountable.

Individual healing plan designed to help move you towards optimal health.

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Group Membership

Weekly check-ins without the expense of a Mastermind or workload. 

Part of a private Facebook group.

Zoom calls twice a week,  recorded if you miss.  

Opportunities for hot seats to trouble shoot a problem you may be having.  

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Masterminds & Classes

 Be a part of like minded healers

Earn CE in the State of Florida for massage therapist.

Take classes to learn about Brain Health, PEMF, Concussions and/or Medical Journaling.

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What to Expect When Working with Sheryl

As an Optimal Health Consultant I will:

  •  Set goals with you to achieve what it is YOU view to be Optimal Health
  • Give you the best that I have to offer.  

  • Respect your time and provide an experience that moves you closer to your goal.

  • Be honest and provide a judgement free zone.  I will also be prompt and respect your time.

  • Work with you to clear stuck energy which could be from a trauma earlier in life. 

                                            As an advocate for a brain injury, I may:

  • Go to your child’s school and meet with teachers to help you develop an effective plan for your child.

  • Go to your workplace to meet with your boss and/or manager to educate them about accommodations you may need.  The goal is to help move you towards a win/win situation.

  • Work with your caregiver teaching them strategies that will help you.  Also to be a sounding board for them and the hardships they may be having.

                                                                   As a coach & presenter I will:

  • Teach strategies to help you with your health trauma.  This may require you learning new skills, deleting defeating communication, practicing neuroplasticity skills, or other “tools in the box”.  

  • Educate at lunch & learns presenting on numerous topics affecting the workplace.  

  • Educate faculty, parent’s group, mom’s clubs or athletic group.

  • The purpose of a consultation is to educate those present about how to get towards optimal health and/or brain injuries.