Concussion Recovery Specialist

Our mission is to help as many people as possible who have received

a concussion, TBI or now have PCS.  

Why Get Certified as a Concussion Recovery Specialist?

Why people are looking for someone like you?

One of the biggest complaints from people with Post Concussion Syndrome is the lack of knowledge from the medical profession regarding concussions. They want someone who somewhat understands, speaks their language and can help them feel better.

Set yourself apart from other massage therapists

Adding this to your menu will bring in more clients who are seeking relief from their pain. The skill set you learn is not something currently practiced by massage therapists. You will also be on the national CRS website for people searching for specialists in their area.

Who is looking for a specialist like you?

An estimated 2.8 million people sustain a TBI annually. Athletes suffering from sports related concussions, veterans returning from service, parents of young children, people suffering from PTSD and people from everyday walk of life.

More clients means more money

9,500 concussions occur daily. People with PCS are searching for help from people who truly understand their condition. The off season slump doesn't have to affect your monthly income when you are certified to help concussed people.

How this program is different from other massage classes

There is no program teaching the material we are going to teach you. We will provide you brain anatomy, what people with post concussion syndrome experience and how you can market yourself to be on their recovery team. You will leave the class with a skill set you can start using the next day.

What makes this teacher qualified?

Sheryl Hensel has personally experienced a TBI which resulted in 8 months of cognitive therapy. A previous public school teacher, administrator, licensed massage therapist, small business owner, concussion education advocate, and energy healer makes her experience diverse and unique.

Classes at your location with
5 paid participants