* Clinically proven
* Patented form of phototherapy
* Elevates the peptide GHK-Cu
* GHK-Cu, when elevated, activates the
body's stem cells
* Benefits such as: better wound healing,
heightened energy, deeper sleep, rapid
pain relief, and a reduction in the
appearance of lines and wrinkles.
* Clinically proven to increase energy and stamina
* Supports a physical fitness routine
* First LifeWave product developed
* Fast results
* Convenient and easy to use

* Safe and natural pain relief for horses
* Reduces inflammation
* Can be used for whole body or local pain

* Clinically proven to reduce stress
* Promotes relaxation
* No drugs, chemicals or stiumlants

* Clinically shown to increase stamina by up to 125%
* Improves strength and flexibility
* Improves bioelectric properties of organs
* Improves overall health

* Clinically proven
* Glutathione is the body's master
antioxidant for detoxification.
* Found in nearly every human cell
* Lifespan is evaluated by amount of
glutathione in the body
* Clinically proven to keep immune system

* Clinically proven
* Patented form of phototherapy
* Safe and natural pain relief
* Fast acting and non-addictive
* Can be used for whole body & local pain

* Clinically shown to increase the length of
sleep by 66%.
* Enhances the quality of sleep
* Free of drugs, chemicals, or stimulants

Silent Nights
* Compliments a weight loss program
* May help reduce cravings
* May help reduce appetite


what is phototherapy?


Frequently asked questions

Our body emits infrared heat, imagine the image from night googles. The patch is activated by your body’s infrared energy and traps the infrared light when the patch is placed on the body and signals the body to produce health benefits specific to each patch.  

LifeWave proprietary formulas are designed to produce different differently sized nano-crystals in the different patch products as can be seen in electron micrographs.  The patches come in a 30 day supply called a sleeve.  

No, there is nothing entering the body.  

Because there is no drug or supplement involved, LifeWave patches go to work immediately.   The patches are safe, cost effective and backed by over 70 clinical studies.  If you have a medical condition be sure to consult with your doctor before wearing. 

Yes, there are over 70 clinical studies.  Visit to read studies.

The patches are designed to be worn 12 hours on and 12 hours off.  For the best results it’s recommended to be worn daily.  

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