A mastermind is a place where like minded people meet to discuss events happening in their life and give each other suggestions and/or solutions to problems they may be having. 

Every person on the call, zoom video, will have an opportunity to have a “hot seat”.  The focus is on you.  Come with your questions and be ready for solutions.  You’re on the clock!

This isn’t the place to come with complaints, although we’ll give you a brief moment.  Troubleshooting and applicable information is the goal along with making you feel supported.   

If you have a brain injury, had a concussion, TBI, or PCS this group is for you. Talking positive solutions and help getting healthy.

Concerned, confused and looking for help?  Talk to like minded people who know what it’s like.  Providing solutions that will help your loved one.

Looking for a community of people who help concussed people? Advocates and world changers come together to make effective improvements.