Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST)

A form of complimentary healing that aids the body in clearing the CAUSE of pain.   There is a unique “language” of numbers that, when used with kinesiology, assists the body to get into a quicker healing mode. We work with the body’s energetic forces to stimulate lasting healing because we search for “root cause” not “symptom based” relief.  By doing so we are able to help facilitate pain relief, quicker immune response, emotional clearing and increase energy.  Disrupted energy patterns, we believe, are what contribute to dis~ease in the body. 

“I have been a practitioner for 15 years and very proud of the well~being and pain relief I’ve been able to facilitate for my clients.  I feel honored and blessed to share this work with others.”

Top 10 Successes With Clients

      S.A. had a car accident that left her legs sensitive to the touch and trouble walking. She now plays with her grandchildren and the pain has subsided.
      R.H. diagnosed Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is cancer free 10 years later.
      K.F. on life support and his family was told he had minutes to live when taken off.   The day after his session he was sitting up and talking with family.
      L.M. experiencing side effects of menopause, symptoms gone after 6 sessions.
      D.F. diagnosed with torn rotator cuff and told surgery was inevitable. Never had the surgery and fine 8 years later.
      C.S. had difficulty conceiving and complications with pregnancy, delivered baby to full term.
      L.L. diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” and in months of physical therapy. Raised shoulder off table after two sessions.
      L.A. went from 30 second to 2 minute attention span in his autistic classroom after several months of sessions.
      S.C. horse was at veterinarians for eye disease for 2 weeks with very little success. Went home days after being worked on with QE.
      G.F. told he had pancreatic cancer and refused treatment. Worked with physical and emotional issues he had and then told “misdiagnosed”.

What is QEST?

A complimentary, alternative, powerful, natural, non-invasive, hands on modality that helps your body heal itself.

This work uses a unique “language” of codes (numbers) and kinesiology that works with the foundational and energetic causes of your symptoms.  QEST has been around for more than 30 years.

We make no claims or promises…….we aren’t doctors.

My simplest description to explain this work.  Everything is energy and everything vibrates at such a high speed that it becomes solid. This work taps (like a morse code) the number system onto your body, then gets answers (kinesiology…aka muscle testing) if something is “off” then we clear blocks that prevents (or slows down) your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

If you think about it, we all have a number assigned to us; e.g. phone number, social security number, address.  Every part of your body also has a number system. If there is a disruption in the energy flowing to your knee we use a system to find out what exactly is causing the pain you feel. Then communicate with the body (number tapping) to clear the block so it can heal itself. We don’t heal the pain, your body does.

Even simpler terms, I know when I put in 135 on my remote control I will get ESPN on the TV.  I don’t know how it works, I just know it does.  If I punch in 949.220.4900 into my cell phone I will get Sculpted Beauty.  I don’t know how it works, I just know it does.  I also know if I plant a seed in the ground, a tree will come up. I don’t know how it works, I just know it does!  Your body is designed the same way, it understands the number system and knows what needs to be healed. 

Some things are beyond our understanding. Over the years I’ve seen enough “miracles” to know this work is effective. You might not know me, but one thing you will know for sure after meeting me is that I will do whatever I can to get you out of pain and help your body heal itself.  I am a product of the work……….it is QEST that cleared the fog and helped me with my debilitating migraines.   I spent 5 years working with traditional medicine to help me after I sustained a brain injury, with very little improvement.  It took 3 sessions with a QEST practitioner and I felt immense healing had taken place.  I thank QEST for giving me back my life and allowing me to function again.